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Literacy 30.09.21

To end our unit on writing instructions, I would like you to write your own set of instructions today on a topic of your choice (If you are struggling to think about what to write your instructions for or you are stuck with how to present them, there are some writing frames below to give you some ideas and to help you set them out). Before you begin, remind yourself of everything we have learnt so far. Your instructions will need:


  • A good title to let the reader know what the instructions are for.
  • A list of what you will need.
  • The method/process giving a step by step guide for what the reader needs to do (make sure you are very clear. Write like the reader knows nothing- don't presume they will know what to do)
  • Use bullet points, numbers or letters for each step.
  • Use imperative verbs which give the reader clear actions to do.
  • Begin each step with time adverbials.
  • Make sure your instructions are in the correct sequence.
  • Add diagrams so the reader can see what they need to do.


I can't wait to see your completed instructions smiley