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Literacy 18.01.22

This week in our Literacy lessons, we are going to be writing, publishing and presenting a persuasive text linked to our Catholic Social Teaching theme 'Solidarity and the Common Good'. Think about the following Scripture quote:


"They were faithful to the common life of sharing. They would sell their property and all they had and give money to the poor. There was no needy person among them because they shared."


I would like you to create your own persuasive presentation which persuades others to help others and share in order to reach the common good for all people. Think about all of the reasons why it is good to share, not just with our friends and family but with others as well, especially those who may be less fortunate than ourselves e.g. the homeless, the hungry, those who may be struggling financially etc. Try to use persuasive language to convince your reader of all the arguments for sharing and helping others, especially the stranger. Think about the reasons why people might not want or be able to help others and acknowledge these in your persuasive presentation in a way which reassures the reader and convinces them to listen to your point of view in favour of sharing and helping others.


Write down all of your ideas and start to plan the order and structure ofyour presentation.


There is a word bank below to help smiley