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Ingestre Hall

Ingestre Hall Residential
18th-20th May

Information regarding Ingestre Hall


  • Overview:
    Our theme for the trip is ecology. This was chosen as it fits in with both of the current topics in years 4 and 5. Over the course of three days children will produce something in their groups (dance, drama, art, music or animation) based on recycling, saving the planet, etc.
  • Children will be responsible for carrying their own luggage down Bundle Hill and up the stairs once we arrive at Ingestre Hall, so please bare this in mind when packing.
  • Timings:
    The children will need to arrive at school on Wednesday 20th May at normal time ready for registration. We will then walk down to board the coach at the bottom of Bundle Hill for 9.30am. If parents wish to stay to wave their children off, please feel free, although we do ask that the bottom of Bundle Hill be kept as clear as possible for the coach.
  • We will arrive back at school on the afternoon of Friday 20th May, after eating a picnic lunch at Ingestre Hall. Children can therefore be collected at 3.30pm as normal.
  • Food:
    Wednesday: Lunch and tea.
    Thursday: Breakfast, lunch and tea.
    Friday: Breakfast and picnic-style lunch.
    We have tried to select as many 'child friendly' meal options as possible, but if a child does not like the set meal then a sandwich alternative will be provided. A tuck shop will also be available on an evening for children to purchase their own drinks and snacks. We recommend that children bring no more than £10 with them in change to spend.

  • Dormitory arrangements:
    Girls and boys will have separate floors, with each group using a series of rooms per floor. At least two members of staff will also be sleeping in their own rooms on each floor. Communal bathrooms will be available for the children to use on their floors, day or night. Showers are individual.
  • Evening activities:
    There will be activities put on of an evening after structured Ingestre sessions. These will include a disco, 3D cinema, WW1 experience and a night walk in the grounds led by Miss Alsop. If children are not interested in these activities they will have opportunity to use both the quiet, reading room and the games room.
  • Staffing:
    There will be up to six members of staff from OLSK attending during the residential, although Ingestre will also have their own staff day and night. OLSK staff attending are Mr Doyle, Miss Alsop, Mrs Finnegan, Miss Costello, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Bradley.
  • Rules:
    While Ingestre have their own rules, we will still be following our school rules. If in the unlikely event that a child is deemed to have broken these rules significantly parents will be asked to come and collect their child.
  • FAQ:
    Can children have a go at every activity?
    Due to the length of our stay we have been advised by Ingestre staff that children stick to one activity. This is so they can get fully emerged and have enough time to produce something of a greater value in their chosen group.

    Can I send my child with their medicine?
    We can not give out medicine unless a medicine form has been filled out and it has been discussed and approved in advance with school.

    How 'free' will my child be?
    There are more than enough OLSK and Ingestre staff on site at all times. Children will be led by Ingestre staff, with OLSK support, during the day and OLSK staff will take over of an evening and night. Children will be given free time during break and lunch to explore the house and grounds. A boundary has been set and these will be discussed with the children once they arrive at Ingestre. Children will be with an OLSK adult during evening activities.

    What do we pack?
    A full kit-list has been sent out with children. If you need another please contact Miss Alsop or My Doyle ASAP. Children will need clothing appropriate for their chosen activity, as well as for evening activities (disco clothes, etc). Slippers and outdoor boots are a must.