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How to get on Teams



1. Click on the RM Unify login 

2. Put in your username (full email address) and password (in your reading diary if you are not sure what it is)

3. You will come to your RM Unify Launch Pad

4. Click the 'add' button to add a tile - find the Teams tile by typing it in the 'search' box

5. Once it's added, click on it. You may need to add your username again the first time.

6. Hopefully now you are in teams and can see the Year 3 Team. There is a General Channel which will tell you what tasks you have for the day. There is also four other Channels which relate to different lessons.

7. Go to the General channel to find out what lessons you have first, then click on the channel you need and click on files to find the teaching and learning tasks.

8. If the document allows you to edit and type onto it - you must click 'hand in' when finished.

9. If you cannot type onto or edit the document, you can take a photo of your written work and upload it on POSTS.