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Children are expected to read each day. Please listen to them as often as possible and encourage them to read more widely e.g. library books, non-fiction, poetry. 


Children can have their books changed whenever they need a new one but it is up to them to ask myself or Mrs Riley. 


Written Homework


Each week your child will receive some homework on Friday.


To get ready for homework demands in Year 3, during the summer term homework will be given out on Friday but needs to be returned by Wednesday  ready to mark.


The homework often consists of English, Maths and occasionally learning words for a poem, play etc.


Homework is usually reinforcement of work done during the week at school.  Ensure the work is written neatly in be blue homework book, in pencil. 


If English is a piece of writing, please encourage your child to write at least 1/2 a page and keep it neat and tidy.  Homework books should be kept in good condition and the work in them should be the same quality as in school books.


We like to mark homework on a Wednesday using Peer Assessment. This is where the children mark each other’s work (with guidance from myself or Mrs Riley). 


Sometimes, due to learning commitments we have to mark it on a different day but we try to make sure that it is as near to Wednesday as possible so the book is ready to go home with new homework on Friday.


We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to complete the homework on time.  If this occurs the child will be given a chance to hand it in the next day.  If this does not happen they will complete the work during Golden Time.  If homework is not handed in on numerous occasions then parents will be contacted via text or spoken to so that support can be offered.