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Each week your child will receive homework that is a reinforcement of work done during the week at school or revision of something covered previously.  Please ensure the work is written neatly in their homework book, in pencil.


Homework will usually consist of Maths, Literacy and Spellings at the start of the year but this may increase if we are doing a topic or project. 


In Year 3, children will receive a piece of homework on:

  • Monday due in to mark on Wednesday
  • Wednesday due in to mark on Friday 


If a child forgets to hand their homework in they will given the opportunity to hand it in on the next school day.  If it happens on 2 consecutive occasions, they will have to make it up in their Golden Time.


Homework is marked using Peer Assessment. This is where the children mark each other’s work (with guidance from myself, Mrs Young or Mrs Little).


Spellings will usually be given out on a Friday ready for a spelling test the following Friday.


As part of topic work children will be expected to create a piece for an exhibition.  It can be artwork, a written project or something that they have made to do with an area covered in the topic.  A couple of weeks before the exhibition there will be no homework given to allow children time to complete their project for their exhibition.


As we prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion homework will need to be completed in the children's special book.