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Year 1 summer 2017 projects
Can you create a project all about the farm?

  • It can be a booklet, a computer presentation, a model, a story, a poem, a sculpture, anything you like!
  • It can be about anything to do with the farm! Animals, crops, working on the farm, living on a farm, anything you like!
  • You might even want to focus on a particular farm. We will be visiting Umberslade Farm in June!
  • Use the internet and books to get your information.
  • Make it bright and colouring and interesting and WOW!


The project will replace our weekly homework for remainder of the year. Homework time should instead be spent reading books, learning spellings and working on projects.

The hand-in date is Friday 7h July. However, every two weeks we will have a ‘project session’ with the children to discuss how it’s all going so far.


Any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to Miss Alsop or Mrs Knipe.

Have fun!