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Every week your child will receive homework that is a reinforcement of work done during the week at school or revision of something covered previously. Please ensure the work is returned the next day. 

Homework will usually consist of 20 minutes each evening, don't panic if the activity isn't finished after 20 mins, just work hard and do your very best within that time.


Monday: Literacy or Maths – bring in Tuesday

Tuesday: Literacy or Maths – bring in Wednesday

Wednesday: Wednesday Word, stick into homework books

Thursday: Talk about/planning for the ‘Get Writing Activity’ - bring in Friday

Friday: Spellings for a test the following Friday.

Homework is marked using Peer Assessment. This is where the children mark their own work with guidance from the staff.


If a child forgets to hand their homework in they will be given the opportunity to hand it in on the next school day. If it happens on 2 consecutive occasions, they will be given the opportunity to complete it at lunch time or during Golden Time.