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Home Learning January 2021


It has been fantastic to see the majority of our children accessing LIVE learning on Teams and also wonderful to have the daily interaction with them. However, I would just like to remind everyone of the ground rules so that our sessions are accessible for everyone and allow us all to learn to the best of our ability. 


1. Make sure you mute yourself and turn your camera ON. (You can  blur your background or put up a calm background behind if you prefer).


2. Participate in learning by raising your hand using the little hand icon.


3. Please do not take over the screen, mute anyone else, put anyone's hand down or remove anyone from the learning.


4. Please do not use Teams Chat to have your own conversations as we aren't able to see all of the messages about learning. Use other platforms to chat with each other please or the you can speak on the daily break time meeting.


5. Ensure that any comments you make- spoken or written, are polite and respectful. Speak to other children and staff in the same manner in which you would speak to them face to face if you were in school. 


Each child has got a folder set up in the files section on Teams. Each week please can you ensure you help your child upload the following work into their folder:

  • 1 piece of Maths
  • 1 piece of Literacy
  • 1 piece of RE
  • EBL


If you would like to upload more than this, that is absolutely fine. You can also include photos of any other subjects or extra activities you do such as baking, sports, lego challenges etc. into the other subjects folder. 



How to upload work onto Teams:
SPRING 2 (22nd February Onwards)
SPRING 1 (7th January-12th February)