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This section of our website is all about learning at home.

There are lots of activities on the Home Learning section of the website but this area is specific to the Y2 curriculum. 

Learning in Y2

When we’re in school we have a focused timetable to ensure that they children know what they are going to do and when. The children like to be prepared for the day ahead and enjoy a certain amount of structure. While working at home we are not expecting you to be as rigid but it’s nice for the children to know the plan for the day.

On a typical day in Y2 we start with a prayer service either as a school or in class.  Often the children will organise and lead these themselves using stories from the Bible and prayers and songs that they know. It might be nice to start a day at home praying as a family together, especially if the children have organised it.


We do an hour of Maths learning on a certain topic before a break and then an hour of Literacy learning. After lunch we focus on the other areas of the curriculum. We do different activities each day but these might include Science, art, history, geography, music, PE, Outdoor Learning and RE as well as cooking and DT. Try to mix these up so the children are excited and think of a ‘project’ that you can do together linked with these e.g. make a bug hotel in the garden or find out about the history of a country as well as the geography. The internet and social media is full of great ideas to challenge the children and get them thinking collaboratively and independently.

Home learning is not going to be easy but hopefully, together, we can prepare the children for the next step in their education. Most importantly, have fun, take breaks and be relaxed. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if it’s not working one day, try again the next. 


God Bless


Mrs Turner x

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