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General Notes

Year 5 General Notes


Curriculum Overview
In your pack you will find an overview of our learning for the year. You will see that these have been divided into terms, with a lot of our work based around three topics: The Victorians, Earth and Space and The Rainforest. Following the new national curriculum, it is our aim to link as many different lessons to each of these topics as possible.

Following the school policy there will be three pieces of homework set a week. These will be sent home on a Monday, Tuesday and a Wednesday and will be expected in the following day. This is as any homework set will be directly linked to either the lessons carried out that day or a lesson on the following day. Homework will either be literacy or numeracy based, although science and topic homework is also used. Children will only be expected to work for 20 minutes a night so that, with three pieces of homework, they work for a total of 1 hour a week at home. Spellings will be sent home weekly, giving the children a week to work with them.


In year 5 the children are already halfway to adulthood so we therefore encourage the children to be as independent as possible. They must start taking responsibility for their own learning. That means that they are the ones that remember their reading books, homework, PE kits and anything else that they might need. They need to start to be proactive. If they can’t complete the homework that night because of a club, for example, then they need to make the decision to come to homework club!

In year 5 we do at least half an hour of reading a day. This means that reading books and reading records need to be in school every day. They should be taken home at the end of the day so that reading can also be done at home.


PE – Wednesday afternoons. The second half of the spring term is tennis so the children will need their outdoor PE kits (tracksuits). PE kits can be kept in school on individual pegs. If children do take PE kits home they must be back into school by Monday.

Swimming – Will take place on a Tuesday afternoons.

Prayer Bag – Contains a variety of activities to be done at home. It is sent home with a different child every night, for one night only. This is optional, but all children are encouraged to take it home at least once a term.

Forest Schools – Year 5 will be split in half for their forest school sessions. Each half of the class will spend half a term using the outdoor site. They will need to come prepared for the sessions including appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather. Your child will bring a note home when it is their turn to start forest schools.