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Well Done to the Fire Safety Quiz Team!

Third Place in the Dudley Final!


Year 5 - Living History Day at Haden Hill House.

Year 5 Love Outdoor Learning!

Year 5 pray the Rosary each day in May.

Year 5 perform at the Town Hall in the Hagley Pyramid Concert.

Year 5 - Dress up as Rock Stars Day!

Year Five Team Building Day At Alton Castle.


Year Five are learning to do handstands leading into a forward roll in Gymnastics.


Year Five at the School Retreat Day with Dan Callow.


We joined with the rest of the school in Prayer, song and reflection about being called to 'go out' and live as a disciple, following in the footsteps of Jesus.


It was a very spiritually uplifting day and we all really enjoyed it!


 Year Five have already began learning our songs for 'The Pyramid' concert next February at the Town Hall in Birmingham!


All our songs this year, are taken from 'Blockbuster Movies'