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Join our Teams Meeting Live Maths Lesson - Go to Year 3 Team, then click on the calendar and click 'join meeting.'


If you cannot join us at this time, don't worry you can use the White Rose video instead. 

Can I multiply 2 digits by 1 digit?

Still image for this video
This lesson is about using mental methods to pull apart 2-digit numbers and multiply each part separately. (This is called Partitioning the number). Then adding the answer to both parts back together to calculate the overall answer.

There is no worksheet to go with this video today but you can pause the video and mentally work out the answers to the problems and jot your working out down on paper.


Write a letter as if you are one of the Three Kings. You can use the ideas below to get you started. 

Here is my example of an informal, friendly letter from one of the wise men to his wife. Please have a look! 
We are thinking about how we can increase our levels of happiness by having a positive attitude. We will explore what this means to us and how different things make different people happy. We will also discuss how staying positive helps to support our overall sense of wellbeing.