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Friday 5th March

                       Screen-Free Friday - Shapes and Spaces.


Happy Friday Year 2, today's theme is Shapes and Spaces.  We are going to be looking at some 2D shapes: squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, triangles and hexagons and looking for geometric shapes in the spaces and buildings around us.   We will also be doing some Art and P.E. in school.  

Get Active

Wrap up and go for a walk nearby - look at the buildings around you.  What shapes can you see in the houses, office blocks, roofs and doorways?  How are the buildings decorated?  Which is your favourite shaped building - tall and thin like a tower block or small and low like a bungalow?

If you're walking in the countryside, can you find a view point and look down on the town and find shapes below?


In the garden - give each side of the garden a shape name and ask someone to call out the shapes for you to run to.  Can you move in zigzag lines or make triangle shapes with your body?


A ball is a 3D shape called a sphere - Can you roll a ball along the floor?  Can you throw it in the air and catch it 10 times?  How high can you throw a ball and catch it?


Can you make a 'Shape' dance?





Shapes are all around us - can you find items in your house that are different shapes e.g. a photo or the side of a cereal box are both rectangular, a 2p or a bottle top is circular.  Can you make a tally chart to find out which shape is the most common?



Get Creative

Choose one or two of these creative ideas using shapes to make houses:

1. Cut out shapes to make a picture of a house.

2. Draw a picture of a tall tower.

3. Make a house or castle out of Lego.

4. Make the tallest tower you can out of blocks.

5. Build a house from Meccano (or similar).

6. Design a house that you would like to live in - Where would it be?

7. Make a fairy house or garden.

8. Complete a jigsaw.


Find a quiet place to read your favourite book for 15 minutes.