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Bug Club

We are now doing 'Screen Free' Friday - have a look at the fun learning activity ideas for this week! 

Volcano Art

  1. Use pencil to sketch an erupting volcano.

  2. Look carefully at the colours used in the 'Wagoll' painting above.

  3. Use paint, crayons or felt tips to add colour.

  4. Give your art work 'texture' or make it 3d by sticking on a little tissue paper, ribbon or even glitter.

  5. Take a photo of yourself with the finished volcano and upload it to Teams (General Channel). 

Edible Soil Layers

Science has never been so delicious!

Go on a 'Treasure Hunt' for Rocks


Get outside in the garden or park and hunt for different types of rocks or stones.

How many different types can you find? Which is your favourite find?  

Get an empty egg box or shoe box to put them in and decorate it so it looks like a TREASURE BOX.