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Imagine the conversation between the king and the boy and write it inside the speech bubbles for each character. Use the key words to help you.

Maths- (Live)


Today we will challenge ourselves to recall our learning in the topic of 'Money.'

We will do some revision and then have a go at the end of topic assessment sheet.


We will do this live in the lesson, so you will need a copy of the assessment sheet close to hand.


Grammar focus: homophones

PSHE - ( Live)


Can I show my understanding of the rights of all children?


We will be discussing the most important rights that all children around the world have from birth. These rights are there to make sure that all children are protected and have a good quality of life.


Click on the link below to watch a short video about children's rights: 



This is a powerpoint about Keith Haring. Read all about him and have a go at drawing a wall mural in the style of Haring. He uses figures to create a sense of movement. They are simple outlines in black with bright colours. Try to copy his style. If you can't print the brick wall just draw your design on plain paper don't try to recreate the wall it will get messy.