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Morning Fresh Start group, todays sound of the day is ure.  We are looking at taking simple sentences and making them more interesting by adding extra information.  Watch the powerpoint if you are able to and complete the worksheet.

PE Lesson

All you need is something to hit with and a ball!

Golden Time- Creative Challenge


RSPB Annual Birdwatch

This year marks the 20th year of the RSPB Garden/School Birdwatch.  As a school we have taken part by watching and recording the birds we see in our Forest school. The children currently at school in KS2 will take part here on 29th January, but I would like to invite you at home to take part too.

To encourage birds to visit your garden or green space there are activity ideas on the RSPB website. Click on this link for information.  You could use the spotter guides on your visits to the park or other green space as well as in your garden.

Happy watching!

Mrs Morris