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Bonjour, tout le monde.

Here are some enquiry-based questions for you to research and find out more about life in France during your time at home. 

You can try them in any order and do as many as you like, just pick the topics that interest you most.

Research and present your information imaginatively on an A4 sheet or digitally - and remember your Top 3 facts.  If one topic really interests you, feel free to do a whole project on it instead.

Remember to use the internet safely and work with a grown-up when you are researching your facts online, just as you would with your enquiry-based learning.


Le sport  

  1. Which famous football players / managers speak French?
  2. What is the Tour de France?
  3. Would I like to do parkour?
  4. Which sports personalities speak the most languages?


   5. Who were the French Resistance during WW2?

   6. What happened to Marie-Antoinette during the French Revolution?

La géographie

   7. Is the Eiffel Tower the best tourist attraction in Paris?

   8.Which French-speaking country would you most like to visit?

La culture

   9. Which is your favourite Smurf?

 10. Is fromage the best French food?


Amusez-Vous bien!