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First Holy Communion retreat with Dan Callow

First Communion Retreat

First Holy Communion Retreat with Dan Callow

We had a brilliant retreat with Dan Callow.  He helped us to open our hearts to God and prepare ourselves for First Holy Communion in June.


First we played a getting to know you game. Dan asked us questions and we had to find someone, ask them and remember their answer to tell the rest of the class.

Dan taught us a song about fishing for people, just like Jesus did! We're all on a mission, we're all going fishing!

We played a game of Human Bingo. We had a sheet with lots of different things on and we had to find someone who could do each one or could answer the question. Some were a lot trickier than others!

We had a picture of bread and Dan asked us to write around the edge all the ways that we could be a good disciple of Jesus. Then we had to decorate it.

After lunch Dan taught us all about the Last Supper. We recreated it together with bread and wine (blackcurrant squash).

Dan gave us a blank chalice and we wrote a prayer, thanking God for a wonderful day.

To end our wonderful day, Dan led us in reflective worship. We read out the prayers we had written and sung the new songs we had learnt throughout the day.