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FHC Retreat Day with Dan Callow

Dan Callow came into school to work with our class preparing for our First Holy Communion. 


We had looked forward to this for a long time and couldn't wait to start all of this his wonderful activities and learn some new songs!

We found a special spot in the hall that would be just ours for the day! 

Then we met up with different people in our class to ask them questions about themselves and we had to remember their answers so we could share them with each other. 

It was great fun and we found out things that we didn't know before!

Next Dan taught us some great new songs that had some very lively actions!

Then we had a piece of paper and we wrote our own name on it. 

We screwed it up to make a snowball and then went into the playground. 

We threw the snowballs onto the playground and then we all had to go and pick one up. 

We read the name on it and then we wrote something nice about that person on their sheet. 

We screwed up the snowball and threw it again and found someone else's to write something nice on. 

Everyone had a list of lovely comments at the end about themselves!

Dan taught us some more new songs that we would be singing in the prayer service at the end of our retreat.

We sat down in a circle and thought about the meaning of Holy Communion. 

We talked about the Last Supper and we shared bread and wine ( blackcurrant squash!) together like Jesus and his apostles would have.

We had an outline of the Chalice and inside we wrote our own prayer to read out in the prayer service. 

We made them into a lovely display in the classroom too!

At the end of the day, Dan led us in a prayer service for quiet reflection. 

We read out our prayers and sang some of the new songs that Dan had taught us.

We all had a fabulous day - Thanks Dan!