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Enquiry Based Learning

Why did the Titanic sink? We became ship designers and built our own mini-boats and tested how much mass they could hold before sinking!

Who were the crew on board?

The Titanic sailed to Cherbourg- what’s it like there?

Where did the Titanic sail and what route was it supposed to take? Looking at Atlas’ to plot the route of the Titanic!

How and where was the Titanic built? Looking at maps to locate different places in the UK where parts of the ship were built, including Netherton!

Our fantastic project day, thank you so much for all your hard work, the projects were amazing!

How do rockets work?

What technology does NASA use?

Did astronauts really go to the moon, and will they ever reach other planets?

What is life like for astronauts in space? We also watched the transit of Mercury across the Sun!

Who are the most famous astronauts? What is NASA?

Why do we have a moon? We researched all about the moon and had a go at modelling the different phases of the moon that we can see

Why do we have day and night? We had a go at using globes and torches to prove that the Sun doesn't move!

Is there life on other planets?

We had so much fun doing our first enquiry-based learning afternoon, just look at all of our creative ideas!

Look at our huge display based on our enquiry based learning topic!!