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EBL Question 29.03.22- DUE Tuesday 05.04.22

How have workers rights changed over time in the Black Country? 


Next week is our Catholic Social Teaching Week focusing on Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers. We are going to link this to our new topic all about the Black Country by making comparisons between employment in the Black Country today and Victorian era in the Black Country. 


  1. What sort of jobs did people have to do in the Black Country during Victorian times? 
  2. What age did people start work in Victorian times? 
  3. What were the differences in jobs carried out between the rich and poor and was this fair? 
  4. What were workers rights during the Victorian times? 
  5. How have workers rights changed now? 
  6. What sort of issues surrounding employment do we face in our current day? 


The points above are just starting points. Please expand on you research for each point. We would normally expect children to be able to write 1-2 A4 sides of quality research at this point in Year 4. 


Due on Tuesday 3rd May 2022