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Hi Year 6!


I hope you are all OK, missing you all still.


As we are now into the summer term, I thought I would post the EBL questions we would have been doing in school on to our class page instead.

Why not create your own scrap book at home to present your research in? Get creative! Use paper to create flaps, pop-ups and other interesting ways to present your research.


Please take a photograph of any work you do at home and post it on our blog to celebrate.


Here are our questions:

Who were the Romans and when did their empire begin?

Which countries were taken over by the Romans? 

Why did Julius Ceasar attempt to invade Britain? 

What was the Roman Empire like by AD 42? 

How powerful was the Roman army? 

Who was Claudius and what was his conquest? 

Why did the Romans build Hadrian’s wall? 

Who was Boudica and what was British resistance? 

What British towns and cities have connections to the Roman Empire? 

Where is Caerwent and how is it connected to the Romans? 

How have the Romans influenced modern technology? 

How was early Christianity impacted by the Romans? 

What goods were traded in the Roman Empire? 

What are the similarities and differences between Britain and Rome? 


Here are some useful websites to help your research: