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This terms question is - 'Who lives in the deep, dark wood?' 

Please take a look on the Medium Term Planning page.


Each week we will be exploring a different fairy tale, in order to find out who lives in the deep, dark wood.


As Scientists this term, we will be baking cakes and writing instructions, we will be exploring different materials to find out how the wolf blew down the pig's homes. We will be exploring which material is the best to create our own 'mirror, mirror on the wall'. We will also be planting magic beans, in the hope we create a beanstalk to climb. 

As Historians this term, we will be exploring Kings and Queens and the amazing castles they lived in. We will also be investigating how we change over time, including how our environment will change over time.

This weeks story:

This weeks story:  1
Do you know what our fairy tale is this week? Continue the story map, decide what happens in the end of your story!