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Design and a Technology Challenges

While we are learning at home, here are some  design and make challenges to be trying. They can be created using materials found at home, but if you don’t have what you need, try a different challenge. Start saving loo rolls and cardboard boxes! This is a chance to be as creative as you like. Younger children will need to work with a grown up and web links are there to inspire but should accessed by an adult due to possible advertising.


Please email me a photo of your creations for our gallery to


DT Challenge 1

Can you design and make a desk tidy for your pens and pencils?


DT Challenge 2

Can you design and make a kite? Then get out and test it!


DT Challenge 3

Can you design and make an up-cycled money box? Take a look at these ideas what can you do with the materials at home. Use your problem solving skills and get creative.


DT Challenge 4

Can you design and make a marble run? You could use a cardboard box are try building something from Lego.


DT Challenge 5

Can you design and make a felt finger puppet? If you enjoy this make a set for for favourite book. You can put on a show. There are lots of great ideas on the Internet.

If you don’t have access to felt or sewing materials try paper puppet instead.

Older pupils once you have practised sewing, you can try more complicated projects like a mobile phone case.


DT Challenge 6

Can you design and make a Den?

Dens can be made inside or outside and with all sorts of materials. The aim here is to create a structure which is stable. Give it a go, test it out.


DT Challenge 7

Can you design and make a board game? Get thinking, what will it look like? What are the rules? Will it have counters? Cards? It can be as simply or tricky as you like. If your stuck try making a different version of a classic.


DT Challenge 8

Can you design and make a bird feeder for your garden?


DT Challenge 9

Can you design and make a…………….? How creative can you be? What can you make using loo roll card centres? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


DT Challenge 10

Can you design and make a car made from a plastic bottle? Older pupils can you make it balloon powered? Don’t forget to decorate it.



DT Challenge 11

Can you design and make a planter using a milk container? Plant some seeds and watch them grow.

DT Challenge 12: Can you design and make a moving picture. You will need A4 card and split pins for this challenge. Try one of these.

DT useful  web links

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