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Cooking- 05.03.21

One of our Cooking DT objectives is:


Read and follow recipes which involve several processes, skills and techniques.


Therefore, if you are able to supervise your child for a cooking session this afternoon (I completely understand that not everyone will as I know many of you are also juggling working from home), then I am happy for you to do cooking/baking of any kind to suit your family.


However, if you would like a simple recipe to follow, you can link your cooking this afternoon with our Maths work on fractions- you can choose one of the pizza recipes below to follow. There are some quick and easy options such as the pitta pizza, but there are also some longer ones where you can make your own base etc. So feel free to choose whatever fits in with your own timings and resources. See if you can plan what fraction of the pizza you are going to put certain ingredients on. Are there any equivalent fractions? 


Have fun! And please feel free to adapt the ingredients to your own tastes smiley

I would love to see photos of any cooking that you do this afternoon!