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Week 5

Find out: 


What was the space race and who was it between? 


Who landed on the moon first? How many people have been to the moon? 


What is it like to live on the International Space Station? 


How do satellites work? 


What is NASA's next mission?  

Week 4

Who invented the first phone?


Interview an adult about how phones have changed in their life time:

What were phones like when you were young?

What could you use a phone for?

Did you ever use a phone box? Why?

When did you first get a mobile phone? What could you use it for? Did you have a special ringtone/favourite game/special case?

Can you explain to me what these things were used for: a pager, a fax machine, an answer phone?

When did text messaging first start?

What was it like sharing a landline in your home before mobile phones were popular?

 Do you think the telephones have changed the world in your lifetime?

Do you have a funny story involving a phone?










Week 3

Pick a form of transport and find out about it:


You may want to research…


  • When was it invented?
  • Who invented it (and where did they live?)?
  • How has it been used in the past (transporting people / goods)?
  • How has it changed from when it was first invented to the present day (can you find any images)?

Week 2

The Roman Empire changed life in Britain forever! 


What did the Romans invent? 


Find out about two Roman inventions used in Britain: 


What were they called? 


What did they do? 


Were they invented by a famous Roman? 


Are they still used in the world today?

Week 1

What inventions were created in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages? 


Choose 1 or 2 inventions from each period in history and make notes about: 


  • What the invention was called (e.g. the wheel)?
  • What was the invention used for?
  • Where in the world was it first invented / discovered / used? 
  • What impact did it have on the people who used it? 
  • Is it still used today in 2020 and if so can you find some examples?  




Please bring your research books in on Wednesday so we can look at them in preparation for Thursday's Enquiry afternoon. 


Thank you.