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I saw this online and as a parent, teacher and the school Inclusion Manager agree with it 100%.

Hi parents, 


Firstly, I hope you are all safe and well. If, like me, you have been attempting to home school your child/children I am sure you will have run through a range of emotions over the last few days ranging from despair and desperation to frustration and anger to determination and pride. I haven't got to the last two on that list yet but hopefully one day I will! 


The purpose of this little space on the Y4 website is to deliver a simple but very important message to you all: 


                          You are doing great! Keep going!!



As  a teacher of 30 children and a parent of three I can honestly tell you that -as much as I love my own kids- I would choose to teach 30 other children every single time!! The reason for this is our own children have a wonderful and unique ability to 'push our buttons' more than anyone else in the world. They don't always mean to do it (okay, sometimes they do...and enjoy it!) but let's be honest parenting and teaching at the same time is really hard work!! That is why if you have managed to get them to do anything over the last few days you should be proud of yourselves! It does get easier, I promise. 


On this page I will try to put up anything useful that I find online to help you to help your children. 


Having had the privilege of teaching your children please trust me when I say they will be absolutely fine at home for a few weeks. They are a delight to teach (at school at least!) and I really do miss them. Please keep them safe and smiling, I can't wait to take them off your hands in a few weeks! 


I hope you enjoy exploring this space on the website...


Mr Brown :)   





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