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Mr Brown's 18 year journey...

To all of the children (some of whom are now older than I was when I joined OLSK) and families I have worked with over the last 18 years....I never have and never will forget you. THANK YOU. Mr B x

A special message from Y4

Oh my goodness Year 4!!! What a wonderful surprise!!! This caught me completely off guard  and has made my day! I will cherish this video forever. I love EVERYTHING about it: the beautiful messages, the pictures, the smiles, the surprise cameos from siblings (I see you Y6!), the football -camera smashing- skills, the rapping (someone’s got some bars!!) and most importantly MY fantastic Year 4 children! 

You are such an amazing bunch of children and families (extra big thank you and virtual hug to Vicki Woods for such superb editing). 

Hmmmm......I’m going to have to have a think about what to do next before our time runs out. Watch this space. I’m off for another watch and cry! 

I love you all!


ps I want one of those go-kart/hoverboard things!!!!! AMAZING!!! 

Mr B 

Mr B opens his presents!

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THANK YOU to all of the families in Y4 for your kindness and these wonderful gifts. I love the wolves gear and the chocolate! I will take my beautiful pen with me, keep it in a special place in my office and remember you all every time that I use it! Mrs Barber is also delighted with her gifts too and says a huge thank you! God bless you all! Mr B x


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Wow! Another brilliant present from the Woods family! I think these could become a best seller! Thank you so much for hand delivering it too! Mr B x

A message to Y4 from Mr B

Thanks for the postcard Katie! Also thank you to Jacob for the brilliant drawing and Mason for your cloud making video! If anyone else from Y4 wants to get in touch before the end of term you can email me at

Hi home schoolers -We miss you!

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Hi Year 4 (that includes Mums, Dads and other family and friends)! 




Firstly, I hope everyone is safe, well and still smiling. Life has become a bit strange all of a sudden but it WILL get back to normal at some point. In the mean time let us make the most of a challenging situation by 'bringing out the best in everyone for the benefit of all in the spirit of Christ.' 


Year 4 - I hope you are being kind and helpful to all of the people at home. I can understand if the changes over the last few days have been a bit strange and scary but don't worry -take a deep breath and think of all of the fun things we have done together and all of the fun we will have again in the future. We are currently experiencing what it is like to live through a bit of world history. In years to come your children and your grandchildren will be asking you all about it and doing EBL projects on it! It might be a good idea to create a journal / diary that records everything you are doing and how you are feeling over the coming weeks. Who knows? You might become the new Anne Frank! I am currently trying to find as many ways to keep you entertained and clever over the next few weeks. Keep checking the website, purple mash and Twitter.  


Parents - I hope you are all okay and not too overwhelmed at the moment. As a teacher and parent I will also use this page to try and help you to help your children to learn. I find the main key to teaching (and parenting) is to be patient,  know your audience, pick your battles and most importantly to make learning fun rather than stressful. I will attempt to put ideas and videos on this page to help you all. Please bare with me as this is all new to me too! 


Sending you all love and -socially distanced- hugs, 


Mr Brown xxxx




Y4 Dance Extravanza!

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We may not be able to perform to a live audience but the show must go on! Here is the FINISHED dance. Huge thanks to Donna for all of her hard work. I really hope this gets to be performed live one day.

Warning: This dance contains a shocking lack of social distancing!! But it is please enjoy!!!

Mash Cam on Purple Mash: Fun for all of the family!

TT Rockstars update.....Year 4 are DESTROYING the rest of OLSK -keep it up, one week until the results are in! #teamY4

Keep smiling everyone!

Hi Year 4!!!

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I got bored and made you a video!

PARENTS: English tips for the stressed parent.

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A message from some old friends...

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Hello all, technically it is the Easter holidays now so if you feel the urge to take a break from all of your hard work go for it. 


If, however, you are feeling a bit bored in lockdown I have a few challenges to keep you going over the next two weeks. Feel free to have a go at any of the following:


  • Timestables Rockstars: Easter battle ground! I am going to create a load of Rockstar battles for you to take part in (Y4 vs every other class in the school and Y4 Boys vs Girls!!) Get playing!!! (A special thank you to Eryk for the suggestion!) 
  •  Competition: The ultimate Easter animation. I have set a 2do on 2animate (Purple Mash). Create an animation of the Passion of Jesus (Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, The Agony in the Garden, The Crucifixion and the Resurrection). Your animation could be one of these scenes or an epic animated movie. The best ones will be displayed on this page after Easter Sunday. GOOD LUCK!!!   


I continue to miss you all!


Love and virtual hugs, 


Mr B x