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Wednesday 11th November 2020




Look at the example on the PowerPoint. Write the ending to your story.

Design your own Christmas card cover for the James Morris Christmas card competition. The winner of the competition will have their design printed & sent out to over 300 people including senior politicians. 
Tuesday 10th November 2020


The majority of children fond subtracting efficiently tricky yesterday. Therefore, we are going over it today to consolidate the children’s learning. You are invited to join our Maths lesson at 11:00 on Teams today. If you struggled with yesterday’s learning, please have another go at the White Rose worksheet. If you found yesterday easy’ have a go at the 3 step efficient subtraction worksheet 🙂

Look through the PowerPoint and label the features of a river. Then use the themed paper to write up your research neatly. Your research question for next week on habitats is attached.
Friday 6th November 2020
Today we are celebrating community languages day. In Year 4 we are studying Germany. Can you research Germany and make a poster with all of the facts that you find out? You can also make a Bavarian Hat with plain paper & colour or paint it green. Have a go at learning some of the language using the PowerPoint. Have a great day! Auf Wiedersehen!
Thursday 5th November 2020
We started planning a sequel to a story on Tuesday. Please can children complete the story plan ready to write their story next week.