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Hello! Welcome to your new class page. I hope you have had a brilliant summer holiday and are excited to return back to school in September. Please read through this page where hopefully I can answer some of your questions about the exciting world of year 6!


Who will your teachers be?

Miss Meese- I am very excited to be teaching you this year and am already looking forward to all of the adventures the year ahead has in store!

Mrs Foley- Our fantastic teaching assistant! We are very luck to have the wonderful Mrs Foley with us this year to help with all things learning!

Mrs Sterling- The fabulous Mrs Sterling who will teach you French on Monday afternoons.

Mrs Nixon- Super talented Mrs Nixon who will be delivering exciting art days.


What is expected of me in year 6?

Year 6 is an exciting time of your life with lots of opportunities and fun to be had. It is also a time to really show off you God given talents in many school events and responsibilities around school; from being a prayer partner to a prefect. It is the year where you prepare for the next step in your life- high school! So it's time to be independent, organised and a motivated learner.


Getting the right mixture of fun and hard work really is the key to success in year 6. While there are lots of adventures such as our trip to Astley Burf, it is also the time to really work your socks of to truly shine out in your SATS. Although this may make you feel a little anxious, the only thing we ask is that as a year 6 child you try your absolute best, listen to the advise from your teachers so show resilience all the way through! We are with you every step of the way so let your confidence, work ethic and talent shine through this year.


Class Dojo and Minutes

This year, instead of house points, we will be using Dojos- each of you has a little monster character and you will earn points from teachers for all the good and kind things you do around school- you can even give the teachers points!


As usual, we will be having Golden Time on a Friday, so if you make the wrong behaviour choices then you will be given minutes off that time. I hope that now you are Year 6, you are sensible enough to make the right choices so that I won't be needing to hand out minutes! 


What homework will I get?

Our first Enquiry Based Learning topic this year is all about The Ancient Wonders of the World. I know that you will love learning about it and will find out lots of amazing things! You will be given your enquiry question every Thursday with a week to complete it. Remember- you need your research to help you with your learning so make sure it is done on time.


You will also have maths and literacy homework and spellings every week and you will get a whole week to complete and practice these too. If you lose your homework- please come and ask me before the day its due so I can get you a new sheet.


Homework is a really important part of year 6 as it not only reinforces the essential learning from school but prepares you for the expectations of high school. Remember if it is not done at home you will have to do it in your own time at school.


PE, Swimming and Forest School

We will be having PE on a Wednesday as normal with RB Sports and a second session with Mrs Sterling on a Monday. We will also be going swimming in the summer term- this will be at a different place to last year but will be just as fun!


Mrs Morris will also be taking us out for forest school every few weeks and I know that she has got lots of exciting activities planned!


Make sure you remember whichever kit you need for the right day so that you can take part in everything!


Will things be different because of COVID?

Thankfully, we will be returning to school as a whole class and will be altogether in our year 6 bubble in one room.We will keep apart from other classes but you will see them from a distance on the playground. We will start school at 9.15 (you will come in earlier if you have a little brother or sister) and will finish at 3.30 (or when your brother or sister goes home). We will still have a break and dinner time as normal but will be assigned to a different area of the playground each day.


We won't have whole school assemblies but our collective worship in class will still go ahead and you will have the chance to lead prayers.


Thank you for reading this information; I hope it has answered some questions you may have but we will cover more information when you return to school in September. Remember any question you may have and ask away when we are back!


Miss Meese :)