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Bug Club Independent Reading

The Bug Club pupil world is where children log in to read books allocated to them, whether at home or in class. It is also where they can access the rewards they earn when they complete all the activities in a book.


Once children have an account, they will receive a login and will be able to start accessing the site.  They need visit


My Stuff

My Stuff is where children can find any eBooks that have been allocated to them by their class teacher. Children need to read their allocated books AND completed the activities and once finished they can be allocated a new book.  



My Library

My Library is where eBooks go after a pupil has completed them. Children can re-read their favourite books, but their progress in these books won’t show in their Reporting. 



My Rewards

My Rewards is where children go to select their rewards. They can customise avatars, decorate a tree house, play games and more. As with the pupil home screens, these vary according to key stage but include a Treehouse, Game Zone and Skate Shack. The more books children read, the more rewards they can unlock and buy!