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Autumn Term Research Topic

Why can't meerkats live in the North Pole?

In this geography driven study, we will be exploring the geography and science curriculum through the key question - 'Why can't meerkats live in the North Pole'?

As geographers, we will extend our knowledge of the hottest and coldest places on Earth, using globes and maps to identify the locations and climates of these different areas. Our geography skills will also be enhanced through gaining an understanding of why it is hotter nearer to the equator and also how the weather changes with the seasons in the UK.    


By exploring why meerkats can't live in the North Pole, our scientific skills will be enhanced as we learn about how different animals adapt to their habitats and surroundings. Throughout this study,  we will continually revisit and refine our skills to ensue that our 'golden nuggets' of knowledge will be embedded into our long term memories!


The research questions for this term are:

  • Where are the hottest and coldest places in the world? (Due 15th September)
  • What is a hot desert habitat and what animals live there? (Due 29th September)
  • How is Halesowen different to the Kalahari Desert? (Due 6th October)
  • What is a polar habitat and what animals live there? (Due 20th October)
  • How is the North Pole different to Halesowen? (Due 3rd November)
  • How does the weather change throughout the year in the UK? (Due 17th November)
  • Is weather ever dangerous? Where does dangerous weather happen? (Due 1st December)


Other Home Learning opportunities for this term: