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Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about The Ancient Egyptians this term! We now have a deep knowledge of this topic and have made a class Power Point to share what we have learned with others. Please take a look!

Performance Poetry - Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg. 

Verse One

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Verse Two

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Verse Three

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Verse Four

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Verse Five

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Verse Six

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OLSK Day of Prayer

On Monday, we had a special day of prayer in school to mark the beginning of Advent, a new season in the Liturgical calendar. We thought especially about Mary and how she accepted God’s plan and how patiently she waited to meet her special baby, who was God’s son. We prayed with Mary and asked her to teach us how to wait patiently and prepare ourselves so that we will be ready to celebrate the coming of Christ.

Our Science topic is ‘Light and Dark’ - we have been learning how light travels and how it can be reflected on a surface. We also explored how shadows are made.

Year 3 had a fabulous day of art activities linked to our Egyptians topic. They produced some stunning artwork, with the help of Mrs Nixon, our art specialist.

Year 3 - Reconciliation Commitment Mass.

Our Class mass was about the importance of the sacrament of reconciliation. It is a way for us to feel God’s love and mercy, if we are truly sorry when we have done wrong, God is always ready to forgive us and bring us back into his loving care. At the end of mass, we received our certificates of commitment.

French Day in Y3

Year 3 had fun going on a virtual visit to Paris today and eating at a french cafe. We also learned how to greet each other and say our names and how we are feeling. In the afternoon, we did some independent research about famous landmarks in Paris.

Last day of Autumn term 1 and we were all so exhausted that we decided to wear PJ’s to school. The children had fun using iPads to practise our times tables on TTRockstars!

Maths Homework this week


In Computing on Monday we are going to be having a go at accessing Microsoft Teams to do our Mental Maths homework- this is a great way for you to be able to accessing learning at home, such as weekly homework.


If you would like to have a go with an adult at home before Monday's lesson, then go for it! But please don't worry if you can't get on it. We will iron out any teething problems in Monday's ICT session.


1. Click on the RM Unify login 

2. Put in your username (full email address) and password (in your reading diary if you are not sure what it is)

3. You will come to your RM Unify Launch Pad

4. Click the 'add' button to add a tile - find the Teams tile by typing it in the 'search' box

5. Once it's added, click on it. You may need to add your username again the first time.

6. Hopefully now you are in teams and can see the Year 3 Team. There is a piece of Mental Maths for you to answer on the answer sheet provided and submit online - just like we do with 2dos in Purple Mash. 

7. I will get a message that you have handed in your work! Well done! smiley


Well done for having a go and trying something new! 

We had such fun in forest school today flooding the river Nile in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians relied on this so they could grow crops in the mud left behind by the flooding. We also had a chance to perfect our culinary skills as we made wormy pies which was inspired by reading an extract from The Twits.

Listening, appraising and performing today in music. We loved learning the notes on the glockenspiel and piano to play along with Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. 


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Today it was a Disney dress up day. We had a fun day dressed as our favourite characters. 

Year 3 enjoyed an art day with Mrs Nixon. We used oil pastels to shade our poppies and learned the technique for shading dark to light and the importance of blending colours together.

We are learning how to find stories in Bible by using the bible references. Today we read the Story of The Prodigal Son from Luke’s Gospel. 
In our PE and Science session today, we developed our fitness skills across a range of different activities, while thinking about which muscles and bones we needed for each activity. 

Moving to the beat in our first music lesson. We listened to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and focused on our listening and appraising skills. 


Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Lyrics!! - (HD)

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds - Lyrics!! - (HD) I DONT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS SONG (c)All audio or any third party content belong to the respected owners u...

We are developing our confidence with three digit numbers by using place value grids, concrete and pictorial representations -and great partner support!


In our ‘Invasions games’ topic we are learning skills from a variety of sports. This week we enjoyed going on the field in the sunshine to practise our dribbling skills with a football. 

Year 3 really enjoyed our first forest school session with Mrs Morris. We learned how worms improve the soil, which is good for growing plants and food. We took part in various activities, including printing with fruit and vegetables and conducting a worm survey.

Our first mass in the new school Year, led by Year 6 and Father Gerry. Mass was live streamed to the classes.