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Art for learning from home

Here are 12 creative challenges for the coming weeks to help you learn about different artists and to get creative. Purple Mash has a great paint software called 2 Paint a Picture. KS2 pupils try using Tate paint

(Can those supervising children please open outside websites due to possible advertising)


Please email me a photo of your creations and any other art you do, so I can create an online art gallery.


Challenge 1:  Matisse

Who is Henry Matisse? Take a look at his bright and colourful collages.

Using brightly coloured paper have a go a creating a collage inspired by nature. If you don’t have any bright paper try cutting up the packaging in your recycling box.


Challenge 2: Vincent Van Gogh

Who is Vincent Van Gogh? Probably the most famous painter of all time, take a look at some of his work.

Choose an activity, paint a portrait, colour in the sunflowers or practice your mark painting, examples below.


Challenge 3: Keith Haring

Who is Keith Haring? Step into the wonderful world of street art.

Keith Haring wanted to share his work with everyone and not just in a gallery. Using chalk share your Keith Haring style designs outside. Ask a parent where you are allowed to draw, take a photo before it rains!


Challenge 4: George Seurat

Take a look at how George Seurat uses dots to create a picture.  Try using earbuds to create your own pointillist painting or go onto Purplemash  / 2 paint a picture and choose the pointillism option.


Challenge 5: Bridget Riley – Op art.

Who is Bridget Riley?  Read all about her and explore her amazing optical illusions.

Have a go at creating your own optical illusion piece.


Challenge 6: Calder

Who is Alexander Calder? Amazing art that moves.

Can you make a Calder inspired kinetic sculpture.


Challenge 7: Picasso

Who is Picasso? Explore the work of an artist who loved to experiment.

Print out a Picasso fortune teller and get drawing.


Challenge 8: Warhol

Who is Andy Warhol? Pop art legend!

Try creating a selfie in the style of Andy Warhol.


Challenge 9: Turner

Who was Turner? Take a look at his shimmering landscapes.

Can you paint like Turner? Try creating a water colour. If you don’t have paint try using 2 paint a picture on purple mash.


Challenge 10: Mondrian

Who is Piet Mondrian? He loves his straight lines and bright colours.

Use 2 paint a picture in purple mash, choose the Lines option to design a piece of art.


Challenge 11: Animation

Learn all about animation and have a go experiment on 2 Animate on purple mash. Save your work I look forward to seeing it.

Challenge12: Andy Goldsworthy. Find out how he creates sculptures with nature.

Here are some other websites to help you be creative.