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Art- 26.02.21

This afternoon I would like you to create your own artistic interpretation of Jesus in the desert. This piece of art work will be for display so make sure you bring it into school when you return and post a picture into your folder on Teams.


Look at the example below. Think about how you will create the background for this piece of art. You might want to use warm colours such as reds, yellows, oranges and pinks to create a warm sunset/desert feel in the background. Watercolour paints would be extremely effective for this if you have any but you can also use pencil crayons.


How will you make Jesus stand out from the background. Keep your line forms and shapes nice and simple for maximum effect. What expression will you convey on his face (if any!)


You can use any medium that you want to for your art- paints, collage, felt tips, pencil crayons, pastels. Be as creative as you like! smiley