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Literacy- Today in class we are planning our story 'I believe in Aliens'. Re-read the story by Michael Morpurgo that I have attached and change the story from Unicorns to Aliens. Think carefully about how Michael Morpurgo writes. Today you don't need to write the story-just plan it! You can plan it in bullet points or a comic strip.
Maths- Today we are looking at factors again but this time finding common factors between different numbers- watch the video and have a go at the worksheet.

Aut5.8.3 - Common factors.mp4

Still image for this video

RE- Can I describe the symbols of Advent?


Research the advent wreath and look at what each candle means. You can make a poster or PowerPoint to show what you have learnt. 


Are there any other symbols or signs of Advent that you can find??