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2 Do's - Purple Mash

Over the coming weeks I will attempt to set '2dos' on RM Unify's Purple Mash. The children should be able to log into RM Unify (in the same way that they log onto a computer at school) and access Purple Mash. 


Once in Purple Mash children (and parents) are able to access all programs and generally have fun learning. 


I will set challenges for the children to do under the clever subheading '2do' on the Purple Mash homepage. When the children have completed them they will be able to send them to me and get some feedback. This is all a bit new so please be patient as we get it up and running. 


Also, please be patient with Purple Mash, there will be a lot of people using it and it may crash from time to time. Please keep saving your work as you go so you don't loose everything if it crashes. 


Mr B