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Today we are looking at timetables- watch the video and complete the worksheet, you can either print it off or answer on paper.



Aut5.7.4 - Timetables.mp4

Still image for this video



Today we are reading 'I believe in Unicorns' by Michael Morpurgo


Read through the text and mind map the different features of the text- what writing techniques does he use that other authors do not? Does he use jokes? Description?


1. What do you like about this text and why?

2. What don't you like about this text and why?

Science- Today we will be investigating if objects of different weights fall at the same time.


Research whether this is true or not and present your research as a PowerPoint or poster. You might want to have a go at the experiment yourself!



Today we are revising the 7 different Sacraments- can you name each one and make a poster to explain what they all are


Reflect- How are the Sacraments important to you in your life?