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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 -Where learning comes to life!


Christmas is coming to Year 1...

We are getting ready for Christmas by making snowflakes!

In Maths we made closed shapes and found the perimeter of them.

In Science we looked for transparent, translucent and opaque objects in and around our classroom.

To infinity and beyond! We got to fly to space in a science rocket!

We got the apparatus out in PE and had some fun!

Scarecrow wedding: Betty and Harry invited us to their special day!

RE: We learnt about the different parts of the mass.

Music: We investigated pitch through a song about Goldilocks.

4th October: Feast of St Francis. St Francis loved nature so we spent his feast day in the forest school area!

Forest School Fun!

PE: We have been using different balances in gymnastics

ICT: We have been making pictures using Purple Mash.

Maths Makes Sense fun!

We have been learning about materials in science

Fairy tales: In our topic work we have listened to stories, written songs and even been on a treasure hunt!