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Our Forest School area - looking forward to Spring!

Our Forest School area -  looking forward to Spring! 1

Welcome to OLSK Forest School

Welcome to OLSK Forest School  1
Welcome to OLSK Forest School  2
Welcome to OLSK Forest School  3
Welcome to OLSK Forest School  4


What is Forest School?


Forest School is an inspirational outdoor approach, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees.

At OLSK we endeavour to achieve child centred learning in our outdoor environment, offering opportunities to our pupils, including den building, mini- beast hunting, tree studies, scavenger hunt and many more activities.

We are currently setting up our mud kitchen in the Outdoor Area, so any old kitchen implements that you would like to donate to school, would be very welcome.

In the Spring we are looking forward to firelighting and ofcourse cooking marshmallows!!

Our Outdoor Area is a very peaceful area, so it is also used for prayer time, or peaceful reflection.


Developing a Mud Kitchen at OLSK



Dear parents,

In collaboration with the children we are setting up a mud kitchen at OLSK and it would be fabulous if you could help us develop it and kit it out.

What is a Mud Kitchen?  ‘There is little more important in our physical world than earth and water and they are truly intriguing things, especially when they interact.  Mixing soil, water and a range of other natural materials has a foundational role in early childhood which has deep importance and endless possibilities for well-being, development and learning.  The breadth and depth of what these experiences offer young children is truly remarkable.’*

(Extract from Making a Mud Kitchen


Mud kitchens provide something quite different to a soil digging patch, whilst also being much more easily managed.  A mud kitchen includes elements of the much-loved domestic corner and cooking from indoor play, which are then hugely enriched through the special nature of being outside.  We are planning that the mud kitchen will become a core element of our continuous provision outside.


To allow the children the freedom to play, explore and learn to their full extent in the mud kitchen it is really important that children are encouraged to feel the textures of the materials with their fingers, transfer liquids from one container to another to, splash, slop, stir and whizz. To create sticky mud and explore its adaptations.

 This means the children will often become dirty.


How you can help.

We are looking for items to build the mud kitchen with.


Do you have any unwanted:

Pots and pans, jugs or funnels

Bakeware Bun tins, Cake tins

Bowls and containers

kitchen utensils of any sort

Any unusual, utensils such as an ice-cream scoop 

turkey basters ladles, slotted spoons and skimmers Scoops,  Rolling pins colanders, chopping boards

Small containers Sweet tins Small baskets Large tubs

Unusual containers such as jelly moulds or ice-cube trays.

washing up bowl

An old cook book with good pictures in.


Also we require items to build the kitchen with such as

An old cupboard

 A small dresser or Shelving

Work tops, planks, wooden logs and stumps.







Please ensure any items you supply: Are made from strong materials that do not shatter dangerously they are clean and well maintained, cosmetic damage is fine but please check for breaks and sharp edges.

If you would like more information about Mud Kitchens please look at the muddyfaces website Making a Mud Kitchen page

If you have any items you can donate please drop them off to Mrs Morris in Y6

Thank you very much

The mud kitchen team at OLSK!

P.S. if you would like to be involved more please just speak to us and we can discuss ways that you can help out developing our mud kitchen.